Bomb (ISU Yearbooks)

Published annually for the graduating classes of 1894 through 1994, with the exception of 1902. The digital collection contains the entire run of yearbooks, including the Centennial Album.

The Iowa State University Library completed a six year project to digitize the entire run of the campus yearbook, the Bomb in 2016. Consisting of over 45,000 pages, and a century of memories, the Bomb documents the bulk of Iowa State University's history. Unfortunately, the digital versions are not easily searchable.

Over the years, the volumes have employed varied fonts, graphic elements, and other aspects of the yearbook's design that do not translate well to automated transcription processes.

This is where you come in!

We need your help to transcribe the pages of the Bomb so that they are searchable.

Help people find themselves, their families and friends, moments in time, and documentation of world events by participating in our Transcribe the Bomb project.

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